Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Story Continues

Now that my daughter and her hat have returned from camp, I was able to do two things. I did decide to add the crocheted edging. Since I am not really a crocheter, and because I brought this along to do while I watched basketball at my mother-in-laws', I'm not sure if the edging I did was exactly what the pattern specified. But it does add a nice finish to the hat.
And, I was able to get some pictures on a live model in daylight.

All improvements, I think.  

What now?
Calculations have been done for the raglan decreases on the sleeves of my Am Kamin. Slowly, but surely, we progress.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Knitting Mothers Do

Yesterday, as I was running errands, my daughter phoned me. "Mom, I need one of those earflap hats for Shakespeare in the Snow. Can you buy me one? And gloves, I need some gloves too."

Shakespeare in the Snow is the "geeks get to have fun too" event of our high school's IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum. They left today, 15 minutes ago, so you need to translate the conversation into terms of "the party's tomorrow and I said you'd make a cake."

So, we solved the glove dilemma with cheap gloves & some from the closet. But the hat -- the thing is, with the hat, I'd been planning to make her a hat with the leftover yarns from her Macarons slippers. Over Christmas vacation, she'd borrowed her cousin's hat, the one she's wearing in this picture, and loved it.

Ever since, I've been musing about making a hat for her with the leftover yarn from her slippers. Someone even suggested the Thorpe (if you click the link, it's under free patterns, about four down)  pattern along the way.

So, after putting away my groceries, I pulled out the leftover yarn, made a guess (an educated one, since I'd swatched this yarn for the slippers) on needle size, and dove in.

By midnight, I had this:

Thorpe for Shakespeare in the Snow.  I left off the crocheted edging, though I won't promise not to go back & do it later.  I did add a pompom, which could stand to be bigger.  But it was midnight, and it was definitely a situation where good enough was good enough.  It's not as well executed as these, but we were both happy, so that is a success.  I'll hope to share a picture of her wearing it soon, assuming it comes back from camp!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Nirvana, originally uploaded by phenager.
It really is -- Nirvana yarn from Sunday Knits. It's my birthday gift from my husband, intended to make Kelmscott.  It came nicely packed in a Sunday Knits tote bag, too. The black blur in the photo above is our dog, Lucy. Let's just say I gave up.  

I chose (hinted? or chose? why quibble?) the Nirvana because I didn't want the angora of the original. I'm not allergic to wool, but angora is a bit iffy for me. And the Nirvana came in two different lovely blues -- a pale one, and this denim-y ocean. 

I'm looking forward to making this sweater, and I'm looking forward to wearing it.  But first, I've got the red sweater to finish, and two others in the pipeline.  But ahh, won't this be something to look forward to? 

By the way, if you're interested in this sweater, or Sunday Knits Yarns, Carol very nicely sent me some small samples to swatch with -- and I think she'd do the same for you.

Monday, January 18, 2010

It's mine!

It's my birthday today -- that's mine.

All 49 years. Lots of blessings.

There was even yarn for a birthday gift; which I'll show you when I can photograph it in daylight.

But also, this sweater is mine:

It's Beryl, by Bonne Marie Burns.  On my Ravelry page, it's here

I like it, but I think it turned out too big.  Because it is knit in one piece to the underarm, it's not easy to alter.

But last week, I had an idea, which I tried.
I took off all but about 3 rows of each side of the button band, and added crocheted loops instead of button holes.
Here's a close-up:

And a not so close close-up:

It's not perfect, but it works better, for me.
It now looks OK unbuttoned, which I appreciate in a cardigan.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Most mis-matched hand-knits by a single knitter

IMG_3896, originally uploaded by phenager.

I promised my sister, who took this rather dorky photo, that I'd blog this. So Linda, here it is. All dorkiness is, of course, my own.

Between Christmas & New Year's Day we had a wonderful family get-away to celebrate my mother's birthday. One of the fun things we did was ice-skating at this outdoor rink. It was in a fancy-ish vacation development near the house we were renting. I realized as I was skating that not only was the development fancy-ish, but I was definitely the most mismatched (un-fancy) skater on the rink.

So here I am, in my mis-matched, handknit glory.

The mittens are from this book:

and were knit about 20 years ago of scrap yarn. They are not my most attractive mittens, but they're the best, functionally.

The hat is just a cast on and knit hat, of Noro Kureyon, that matches a sweater I made a few years ago, pre-blog. It doesn't match the sweater I'm wearing.

And the sweater -- the sweater is knit from Yarns International's Shetland 2000 (which is known as Shetland Supreme, these days). The yarn is a joint venture between Yarns International (my favorite Bethesda yarn store) and Jamieson and Smith. It's made of wonderful, undyed, naturally colored Shetland wool. It's unfashionably boxy, but is a favorite of mine, both for its cozy warmth, and total knitterly geekiness. The sweater is based on a pull-over from Ron Schweitzer's first book, Travel Logs. The buttons are made of shed antlers, and were a gift from my in-laws, following a trip to Alaska.

I'm skipping the knitting Olympics on Ravelry, but this was a gold-medal day for hand-knit wool wearing!

Monday, January 04, 2010

What arrived on Christmas Eve?

My wonderful yarn from Schoolhouse Press! It's for EZ's Green Sweater, and is the same yarn that was used in the original. It's a bit rustic looking, but reputed to wash into a softer yarn. I love all the shades of green in it!
Schoolhouse Press Yarn
It's Briggs & Little 1 ply sport weight, 100% wool, 430 yards, 4 oz./skein. The color is called Fir Green.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

More Gloves

Since Thanksgiving, I've finished two pairs of gloves -- both birthday gifts to people I love.

knitting:  gloves
The first pair was for my husband. They were a new edition of the pattern made to measure for him. Joan Goldstein drafts her pattern to your measurements, and will send new sizes for a small fee.

Custom-Fit, Sideways-Knit
Garter-Stitch Gloves
  • designed by Joan Goldstein
  • Knit using Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn, 1 skein of the Moose Creek colorway (60% Superwash Wool, 25% Mohair, 15% Nylon, 350 yards, with some left over).
  • Knit on US 2 needles, 6 stitches/inch.
  • Yarn purchased at Camas Creek Yarn, Kalispell, MT.
  • Pattern available from Joan Goldstein, P O Box 2556,
    Bigfork MT 59911, h-jgold(at)bigsky(dot)net, for $8.
Joan (who gave me permission to post her contact information) asked me to say that this pattern is for experienced knitters.

Knitting:  gloves
The other pair I've finished is for my mom, for her birthday. I gave them to her last week at her belated but wonderful birthday party. They're of the same yarn as the gloves above, but the color is called Chinook. I used the pattern sized for my hands, with a couple of tweaks. This is the first time I've fiddled with this pattern's fit on my own, and I was pleased with the result.

Happy Birthday mom!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!

TRUE 2009 Knitting FO
Following the example of Julie at Knitted Bliss (a blog I enjoy and recommend), here are all the items I finished in 2009. As you can see, we're low on quantity and very high on gloves.

In fact, there are two new pairs of gloves I haven't shown on my blog since they were just new skeins of yarn. I'll post some individual pictures & details in the next couple of days.

In 2009, I didn't knit as much as I like to. But I'm very happy with the knitting I did, much of it (at least the completed parts) for other people. I did knit the Botanica Medallion cardigan and a pair of gloves for myself. I'm happy to say that I'm enjoying *my* gloves as much as I hope other people enjoy the ones I've made for them. And I've seen all my gift items except the red mittens worn out in "real life" by the people I made them for. This is very gratifying to the giving knitter.

In 2010, I hope to finish the red sweater, aka the Japanese sweater or Am Kamin, which I've worked on for years. I have plans to modify my Beryl sweater so it fits better. And I have yarn for two sweaters for myself. I'm hoping for yarn for ANOTHER sweater for my birthday (Chuck?). I probably will make one MORE pair of gloves, since my son lost his well worn and loved pair this fall.

I hope you hang around this year to see if I can do what I hope. Thanks to every one of you who checks in from time to time. I hope 2010 is a great year for all of us!