Sunday, March 25, 2007

Blog Maintenance

I switched my comments to Haloscan, in hopes of getting more helpful information -- like email addresses of my commenters, which I don't get from Blogger. Unfortunately, in the transition I seem to have "lost" my comments. And there isn't a link to the comments from my last post.

So, this switch may be very temporary. Any comments or suggestions? (I'm asking this with a rather wicked tongue in cheek grin, knowing you may not be able to leave comments).

Also, I meant to thank all of you who wished me well for my recent surgery. I am doing well, as you can guess from the picture in my last post.

A bit later -- I found the switch that was set wrong for comments on the previous post.

. . . never mind . . .

Friday, March 23, 2007

I [heart] my Clapotis

It's finished and I love it!

My Clapotis - as designed by Kate Gilbert

Tilli Tomas yarns -- 2 skeins Rockstar and 1 skein Pure and Simple, knit alternately -- two rows of Rockstar, two rows of P&S. Color: Ruby Wine. From, for my birthday.
Knit on size 6 Bryspun needles, to a slightly finer gauge than the pattern calls for (but perfect for this yarn).

This Clapotis is one repeat narrower, and 1 repeat longer, than specified in the pattern. It measures out to about 20 by 55 inches, which is roughly the dimensions of the original.

I used nearly every speck of yarn, in fact, there's a last little bit that is only Rock Star. This spot can be found if you know to look for it, but doesn't jump out at you, like the difference between the two yarns did in my earlier attempts at using the yarns together. If you want it to really work out right with these yarns, knit the same number of repeats in the "straight" section as the pattern calls for, and knit one repeat less in the first section when you establish the width.

Here it is laid out for a steam blocking (back side shown). Since the yarn tag said to "dry clean only", I misted the scarf with water, laid it out carefully, and then used a press cloth to steam it a bit. The color from this yarn bled pretty badly onto my press cloth, so today I very carefully hand-washed it with synthrapol, rinsed well, and then washed with a no-rinse wool wash. It's laid out again to dry.

I was so excited to have it finished, I wore it last night to the Newboys concert (that's where the top picture is from, too). I'll admit to feeling a little guilty about this -- I have yet to darken the door of the grocery store since my surgery (my staples just came out yesterday), but I went to the concert. We've had tickets since way before I knew I'd need surgery, and though I slept in this morning to make up for it, it was worth it.

The scarf is fantastic! Officially it's meant to go with my black winter coat, and it'll be great for that. But it's just fun to wear. The silk and the beads have a kind of "swoosh" to them, a silky weightiness. It drapes beautifully, and stays in place amazingly well -- a factor of the not so slick surface of the spun silk and the heaviness of the beads, I think.

Finally, spring is here! These are some apricot blossoms from our back yard, earlier this week. Hurray!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Not a bad spot for a slow Clapotis knitter

Major surgery, or so they say, but very common. Major and outpatient not being mutually exclusive, I've spent my week convalescing. Convalescing consisting of knitting, reading, watching inane movies, and trying to take find the minimal dose of meds to provide enough pain relief. It turns out, I like a clear head, but I don't like misery. I've had to err on the side of fuzzy this week.

Clapotis turns out to be an ideal project for this situation. It's not too challenging, but has little milestones that keep it from feeling endless. The yarn is a tactile and visual pleasure (read, hand-dyed silk) (with beads).

My husband has done a pretty good job of video procurement this week. He's brought home a collection of forgettable romantic comedies, which are pretty much perfect right now. Even better, he rented the first two videos in this set. Talk about a walk down memory lane. It turns out I haven't seen many of these episodes, the first season of Saturday Night, from 1975. Yet they contain a huge hunk of the context of my late 70's adolescence. When I did watch that year, it was babysitting on a Saturday night, waiting for the C's or the G's to come home. I remember it all being a tad risque, but watching last night with my teenagers, it seemed (mostly) touchingly innocent: Janis Ian singing "at 17", Lily Tomlin's sly and subtly heart-breaking comedy, John Belushi as Beethoven. And there's the poignancy of knowing the rest of the story for Gilda Radner, and Belushi, that adds layers to performances that were only meant to be silly.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Just for fun

Knitting on Clapotis continues at a moderate pace. I don't know how much I'll be posting in the next week or so, as I have some health issues to resolve here. Maybe I'll be posting & knitting lots, maybe none. That, however, isn't all that fun. Or interesting (or serious, I might add).

But I was glad to see this yesterday:

Hurray for Aardman

More good news: here. Check out Theresa's happy news!