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A few accessories

Like a lot of knitters, I love it when someone in my family asks for a particular hand-knit. My daughter wanted a scarf (though technically this is a shawl) to wear with her new black coat. She was pretty particular about what she wanted -- especially in regard to the color. Once she saw Hazelknits Zest colorway, that was the end of the color search. Lively DK is the right gauge for this pattern, but heavier (denser) than the Quince Chickadee that the pattern calls for.  We are happy with how this turned out, but I think a scarf made of Chickadee would be softer and the long i-cord edge would block out better. 

The pattern is Naamah, by Paula Pereira.  It is an elongated triangle - almost wing-shaped.  I will admit that it was a LOT of twisted ribbing, but the end result is quite effective.

I love this detail of the lacy waves along the "outside" edges. What a treat it was to be together this Thanksgiving and see for myself that the scarf was the right thing with her c…

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