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Soldotna Crop in Big Birdie

  I finished a sweater and I love it! I've been admiring other knitter's versions of this sweater on Instagram for a while. The original pattern is a bit closer fitting, and knit with finer yarn. It also has some color-work through the body. But several people have been knitting it in intense colors in Dimond Laine's Big Birdie yarn , a fluffy alpaca/silk yarn.  I'd made a hat a little while ago to try out this yarn. So, I already knew it was light and soft. Honestly, the bright colors (pink!?) didn't feel like me. And yet, I loved these sweaters. (For great color inspiration on Instagram, check out this account.)  Online, Big Birdie is mostly offered from The Lamb & Kid as a dyed-to-order event. So the next time there was an offering, I ordered yarn. It was a swing. . . . and a miss. I chose the gray (Gray is my Favorite Color) and hot pink (Pop Rocks) that you see above, along with an almost white called Oats and a black (Blackbird).  Which wasn't the

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