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These two - they're engaged, and we're looking forward to their wedding, far away as it seems now.  It turns out that one of the things these two have in common is knitting mothers.  They also, weirdly, share our birthdays -- Tim and I, Sophie and Tim's mom, Andrea.  We love Tim -- for many reasons, one being his mom -- whom I have to thank for this:

It's Torquata, by Ambah O'Brien.

This project began when I bought a "shooter" from the Plucky Knitter called Typecast.  It was 200 yards each of 4 yarns - a white(ish) yarn speckled with gray called SB#21, a medium gray called Wanderlust, a dark gray called Urban, and Morticia, which is BLACK.  I claim to never buy yarns without a project, but these were my "colors".  I think Andrea (Tim's mom) suggested the Torquata for this gradient, or maybe she just shared hers - in any case, I began collecting colors for this wrap.  I had four, but needed 7.  The folks over in the Plucky group on Ravelry…

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