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Bunnies for babies

 Have I gotten this small animal making out of my system? I don't know. They are interesting to knit. They knit up quickly.  And when you finish, they are so stinking cute!  These are from the Mini-Christopher Bunny kit designed by Susan B Anderson, from Barrett Wool Co.  I've always considered myself pretty resistant to advertising and impulse buys in general. Most of my life I've tended to decide I want or need something, and then figure out the details of buying it -- I buy yarn for something I want to make, I buy a new dress for a wedding, or an outfit because I see a gap in my wardrobe. But these days, I'm not that person!  I got an email from Barrett Wool - with key words like "mini" and "special batch" and "botanical dyes."  And suddenly there's a package on its way, and I'm busy thinking about who I can knit them for.  Granted, there's a lot of pleasure here, even before a child loves them. The yarn is lovely, soft woo

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