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Catching up

Do I still want to blog about knitting, or not?  If you're still interested, here's what I have finished so far in 2022: Two pair of Bieldy slippers (finishing Christmas gifts in the New Year, as one does), these for Tim (above - they're big) and below for Carley. Then I knit up my Mother's Day yarn and made this Candyline sweater, which isn't my usual color scheme, but I enjoyed wearing it at the end of winter. Then came a Mood sweater for me - something I've been hoping to knit since I made my daughter one a while back. Then I replaced a mitten I'd lost LAST winter.  It was lost on a slushy day when I went to Costco. I really tried hard to find it when it was lost - I went back and retraced my steps, and asked multiple times at the lost and found. But it was LOST. It took me a while to feel ready to start another. I reversed the colors on this mitten, afraid I'd run out of yarn, since the first pair used more of the dark gray color. In hindsight, I

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