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Iconic Times Two

Back in January, my sister (you can actually see her reflected in the mirror in the picture above) asked if I would knit a hat for her to bring when she visited her friends in New York.  Their son, Morgan (that's him and his wife) was having chemo.  Again.   Well, yes, I would make a hat.  It needed to be a quick knit, because there wasn't much time before she left.  And I knew from experience that it needed to be soft, and since it was going to New York in the winter, warm.

So, I went yarn shopping for something bulky and soft.  After checking out my two local yarn stores, I went online.  At Tolt Yarn Yarn and Wool, I found Woolfolk's Hygge yarn.  Wool, alpaca, and silk, and superbulky.   And there were "good" colors.  I should add that at this point I began digressing from Marilyn's original request, that the hat be in the colors of one of Morgan's favorite hockey teams.  I think this blue might, in a pinch, be kind of okay for one of the teams.


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