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knit for Christmas

My son's girlfriend is a cat-lover.  When I saw this hat, I had to make it for her for Christmas.

The pattern has since been removed from Ravelry, and I don't know why.  The name, Fel*ne Good H*t has been changed to FGH.  (I didn't type out the full name because *I* don't want any issues with it on my blog.)  I assume it had something to do with the name or other property rights issue.  It was sold as a fund-raiser to cover the health-care costs of a cat that belonged to a friend of the designer.  In any case, I'm glad I was able to knit it.  The pattern came from We Knit Together - two friends and knitters who met while in grad school getting PhDs in chemistry.   That's a fun fact when you're knitting for a grad student in pharmacology. 

I used Plucky Knitter Cormo, a heavy worsted weight yarn.  It might be a little heavy for the gauge of this hat.  The colors are In a Jif and Classic Rock.

The hardest bit turned out to be the faux fur pompom.  It was a …

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