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Late Recap - 2019 in Knitting

Wow, I'm late with this.  I made 8 things (nine if the pillows count as two) in 2019.  I'd estimated I'd finish ten projects this year, which I didn't.  That doesn't bother me.  I knit almost every day.  Eventually, I finish things.

I'm happy with all these things except the Nepali Bird vest (bottom right). I hardly wear it.  I bought the gray yarn before I finished growing my hair out.  It's either too small, or it doesn't suit me.  The color doesn't show off the birds very well (they're sort of embossed on the fabric in knit and purl stitches).  I need to find a new home for it, but haven't.  I hate to just give things I've made by hand to the Goodwill (actually, we usually give to St. Vincent's -- they give vouchers to newly arrived refugees).  I need to think of the right person and say something like, "I've got this vest, which didn't turn out to suit me very well.  I think it might look great on you."  and NO…

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