Monday, December 29, 2008


pillowcases, originally uploaded by phenager.

This sewing was actually for two girls with post-Christmas birthdays. I made them each a flannel pillowcase. I combined two sets of instructions -- Craft Warehouse's pillowcase kit, and a pattern titled Moon Dreams Pillow Case from the sadly now closed Pieceable Dry Goods.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Channeling my inner Aunt Jessie

Emmeline Apron
This is one reason I haven't been blogging -- I've been sewing. Sewing for Christmas. I made this Emmeline Apron for my sister.
Emmeline Apron
This is the reverse side of it, as modeled by my daughter.
Emmeline Apron
This is the potholder I made to match -- actually I started to make a patch pocket, but didn't like the look (maybe the original design had it right?). So I took a page from my wonderful great-aunt Jessie, whose signature Christmas gift was potholders and dishrags. I even used old terry towels as an insulator, just like she did.
Emmeline Apron
This is my collection of "Aunt Jessie" potholders. Much the worse for wear (and in need of a wash), but the most useful ones I own. She recycled items that had been donated to a mission/shelter and weren't useful. I never would have imagined, years ago when she gave me these, that I'd be following in her footsteps. But I'm glad and proud I can.