Saturday, January 31, 2015

What the Hawk Knits

When I saw this yarn on Yarn Folk's facebook page, this song came to mind (I think this home-grown video version is really cute).  I couldn't resist.  I called Ann and in two days, the yarn was in my mailbox.


It's Oink Pigments' Slime Time Worsted, and currently out of stock both on their site, and according to my friend Bev, at Yarn Folk as well.

My friend Kym at Stepping Away from the Edge recently made several iterations of Barley.  It looked like a great little hat.  My son had mentioned (in a hinting sort of way) that he'd misplaced his favorite hat* -- I had this great yarn -- the Seahawks were playing well -- it seemed meant to be.

So I took a little time away from my mom's Christmas gift (I'm back at it, Mom) to knit three of these.

This one went to Sam in Baltimore.


It was knit to have more slouch (adding an inch before decreases start for the crown).  I knit another, which I didn't photograph, exactly as written.  It went to my mom, as a peace offering for STILL waiting (and to keep her warm on her morning walks).  The last, knit one inch less than the pattern calls for (before decreasing for the crown) for my husband, who wanted a more traditional watch cap/beanie hat.

This is my husband's hat, and shows the garter stitch panel which isn't visible in the other pictures. 

Barley Hat
  • Oink Pigments worsted, 100% superwash wool, Slime Time color. 
  • 2 skeins made 3 hats with a bit left over.
  • I used size 6 (US) needles to get the gauge the pattern suggests for size 8 needles.  Size 4 for the ribbing.
  • I experimented with tubular cast on for two of the hats, but in the end I think I like long-tail cast on (the one my grandma taught me) best for this kind of hat.
If you're one of the people who reads my blog and thinks "I should learn to knit" or "I should start knitting again," this is a good pattern to start with.  There are tutorials for the techniques, and when you're done, you've got a hat.  

Go Hawks!

*In general, the knitting mother does not like to hear about missing hats (or gloves, or sweaters, or ...).  But this hat had been worn for some years.  Nothing lasts forever.  Who hasn't lost a favorite hat or pair of gloves before?  Also, it's fun to think of that Seahawk hat on the other coast.  

Monday, January 05, 2015

What I knit in 2014

Here's my knitting for 2014.

As pictured, starting from left to right, and top to bottom (and not in the order they were knit):
Dilys by Marie Wallin
Sheep Carousel by Kate Davies
Breckon by Amy Christoffers
My Kind of Town Cowl by Trish Woodson
Alby by Bonne Marie Burns 
wee Chickadee by Ysolda Teague 
Cascade by Marie Wallin
Abria by Bonne Marie Burns 

Two each by Bonne Marie Burns and Marie Wallin, which isn't surprising.  These aren't the only Chic Knits (Bonne Marie Burns's brand) sweaters I've knit.  They tend to be fun to knit and very wearable.  Marie Wallin is designing a lot for Rowan lately.  My current project is another Dilys sweater, requested by my mom.

Not a LOT of knitting this year, but I'm happy with the things I've made.   What was your best knitting of 2014?

Happy knitting in 2015!