Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The wrong yarn for Voodoo, and yet. . .

It was 19 degrees out when I got up this morning, so it seemed like a good idea to finish these before I went for my walk. Actually, not these, but this -- only one is done.
This is a single example of Voodoo Wrist Warmers with apologies to Bonne Marie Burns. If you click on the link to the original pattern, you'll see that Bonne Marie made her originals in a lighter, softer, prettier yarn. This was a good choice, and I'd recommend it to you. Still, I'll go on to knit a mate for this one, and probably wear them for years. They'll serve my purpose, and the yarn has sentimental value -- it's the yarn from these sheep -
the yarn I bought when Chuck & I went to Turtleback Farm Inn for our anniversary.
On my other hand I wore one of my favorite mittens - from this pair.

Fox and Geese mittens from Robin Hansens earlier (out of print) book, but you can find them here too: Favorite Mittens: Best Traditional Mitten Patterns from Fox & Geese & Fences Flying Geese & Partridge Feet. I've always meant to re-knit this pair of mittens. I made them about 17 years ago, when I first got Robin Hansen's book. I used leftovers from three recent projects - the pink from a baby gift sweater, the teal from a sweater I started for my husband before we were married and finished after, and the fuscia from a sweater I made for myself soon after I was married. I don't like how they look, but they're the best mittens I own if the object of the game is warm hands. They've felted across the palms from miles of cross country skiing.
The new wristwarmer worked just find for my purpose -- walking with Potter. My fingers were free, but my hand was warm. It was about 40 degrees out by the time I finished & went for my walk. For really cold weather, I'll still need a glove liner or something to cover my fingers.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Knit together . . .

As a knitter, I like the idea of knitting as a metaphor. One of the ways to knit a family together is tradition. One of our family traditions has been carving pumpkins when "the cousins" come over to celebrate my son's birthday. He'll be 17 later this week, but luckily doesn't seem to have outgrown this. Possibly one doesn't need to outgrow as many things with one's cousins as with other people.

. . . And possibly it helps if the grown-ups aren't
. . . very, also.

On the way to pick up my daughter from school this afternoon, I followed a bus with an action figure dangling out the window on a string. Ala Napoleon Dynamite. Made me laugh -- after I hit the brakes. What was that?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Not a Knitting Wish List

It's that time again -- no, not Halloween (though that's coming up). It's contest time at Archie McPhee! The contest involves posting your wishlist on your blog - so, without further ado - I'd like:

A viking helmet
A red fez
A gorrilla suit
Bleak wristbands
Pirate apron
Gummy rubber chicken
Mega Brows

Archie McPhee - all kinds of cool stuff no one needs.

Monday, October 02, 2006

New Knitters

The new Knitters arrived today. Nothing there I think I'll make, but I did like this in the ads. It's the color combo -- they call it tomato and cumin. I'd have guessed claret and sherry. But then it's a kids' pattern, so maybe their names are better than mine.