Knit together . . .

As a knitter, I like the idea of knitting as a metaphor. One of the ways to knit a family together is tradition. One of our family traditions has been carving pumpkins when "the cousins" come over to celebrate my son's birthday. He'll be 17 later this week, but luckily doesn't seem to have outgrown this. Possibly one doesn't need to outgrow as many things with one's cousins as with other people.

. . . And possibly it helps if the grown-ups aren't
. . . very, also.

On the way to pick up my daughter from school this afternoon, I followed a bus with an action figure dangling out the window on a string. Ala Napoleon Dynamite. Made me laugh -- after I hit the brakes. What was that?


  1. Thanks for the nice comments! One thing I would recommend is to maybe make the next larger size for your 13 year-old, if indeed she is interested. My daughter is TEENY and the small barely fit her. It is more finishing than I anticipated, too, but only took one evening. If you get into it and have questions let me know. PS -- I love your Norwegian mittens -- where was THAT pattern when I needed it!! ;)


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