Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Won't you Wear a SWEATER?

March 20 is Mr. Rogers' birthday -- and in honor of the 80th anniversary of his birth, Mr. McFeely and the city of Pittsburgh ask you to wear a sweater. It doesn't have to be the classic "Mr. Rogers Cardigan". It should be a sweater that's special to you. Mr. Rogers wore sweaters knit by his mom. Do you have a handknit sweater knit by someone special to wear too? Remember, you're special too ;-)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Finished Beryl (really)

  • Pattern available at Chicknits
  • Peace Fleece Worsted, 70% wool, 30% mohair, 4 oz, 200 yards, bought 7 skeins, used 5.
  • Yarn a Christmas gift from my mom, from Kpixie.com
  • color: Samantha Katya pink
  • Size knit: 40
  • Needles, American 7, 5, 4. (Pattern called for 8's, etc.)
I like this sweater. But, it turned out a little big. I think this is MY gauge issue, not a problem with the pattern. That said, if I was re-knitting it, I would aim for the same fit around the hips and waist. But not being so voluptuous on top, I might increase less between the waist and underarm seam. And I would make the top and bottom buttonholes closer to the top and bottom of the button-band. This yarn makes a fairly heavy, jacket-like sweater. Now that the apricot tree is budding, it may be time to put it away for next fall.

I like the details of this design -- the diagonal cutaway at the waist, the slit in the seed stitch cuffs, the nice shaping at the neckline.

I have been uncomfortable posting pictures of myself on the blog. But lately, using Ravelry, I've begun to appreciate how nice it is to see sweater designs on real people. So, for knitters contemplating Beryl, here it is. Thanks to Bonne Marie for a great design!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Beryl is done

But I don't have a finished photo I like yet.

I've already made several modifications.

These are the first buttons I tried:
Then I found these, which though out of focus here, are better in "real life".
Beryl turned out a bit bigger than I'd planned - after the first wearing, I changed the buttons and narrowed the button band a bit (none of these photos show the wide button band).

But I didn't notice until I was showing off my new sweater on Saturday, that I'd left something undone.
I'd woven the end in quite nicely, but I hadn't pulled it through the last loop first.

I'll try to get a picture to post tomorrow.