In my own little corner, in my own little chair . . .

. . .Or sofa, as the case may be. Any one else know those wonderful Rogers & Hammerstein Cinderella songs by heart?

This is the spot where I most often knit. Not often enough, as you well know.

What can you see? The Lotus Blossom Tank -- two swatches and cast on. Actually, I cast on before I was sure of my gauge. Silly? Maybe, but since I intend to lengthen the tank, and to add more ease at the bottom (for hips, natch) by using larger needles, it seemed like it didn't matter too much. So, I cast on with 7's but found I got the stockinette gauge I was looking for on 4's. So, I'll be dropping three sizes in a few inches.

Not too much knitting lately - but I've worn my Karis ?top?, ?poncho?, ?shawl?, twice. To the ballet in Seattle on Saturday night (we saw Jewels - wow!) and to the kids' piano recital (over dressed, but complimented by a fashion-conscious 16 year old, so hurray!) on Tuesday night. A lovely wrap it's made.

Unfortunately, the trip to the ballet was 7 hours driving all together, with me as the only licensed driver. So no knitting.


  1. DUDE! You get the Good-Knitting-Seal-of-Approval for that swatch action!

    Well Done!


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