Advice Please!

This is one of those days that I wish I had one of those big huge popular blogs. I say that with my tongue firmly in my cheek - not that I hold any of the more widely read blogs in contempt. It's just that my rather small readership has always seemed in line with my general inclination toward small circles of friends.

That said, today I'm asking for advice -- and I can't help but think that if Ann or Kay asked this question, they would get more responses than they need. Then again, I suspect that Ann & Kay already know the answer to my question or at least have an opinion about it.

Still, like in romance and house-hunting, all you need is one, if it's the right one.


I'm planning to make my son this afghan for his upcoming high school graduation. (No, I don't need any advice about whether to do this. I know making him an afghan is vaguely lame. I'm his mother and a knitter. It'll embarrass him and make him feel loved.)

The question is, what yarn do I use? I want to tweak the colors toward what would be perceived as more masculine ones. (This for a boy who wanted the pink t-shirt of the Woods Hole Drawbridge, thank you very much.)

My yarn store lady suggests Plymouth Encore, and I think in terms of price and wash- and durability she's right.

I've also been looking at this Rowan Felted Tweed, which would be more costly (though I'm certainly buying enough to get the WEBS discount). And I think tweedy yarns tend to the masculine more than most, whatever the color.

Then of course I could choose a cotton yarn, though somehow the colors have felt too soft or too bright, but maybe I'm not looking in the right places.



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