Lion Paws - Finished!

Lion Paws
Here they are - my son's "Custom-fit garter stitch gloves" made with one skein of Colinette Jitterbug, in the Sahara colorway. Size 2 needles.

School colors are black and orange around here; and these are done in time for the last football game of the season. He's not a player -- he's the guy in the fan section dressed as an ersatz ninja, with warm hands. They're also part of his birthday gift. I'm just hoping nothing happens to them before it gets here. He's VERY happy with them.

This Colinette yarn is really nice. I haven't washed (or even blocked) it yet, but it feels similar in texture to Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock yarn -- dense and springy, but still soft. The colors in the picture are pretty true, although I had to take the photo at night with a flash. The boy in question leaves for school before the sun is up, and though it's still up when he comes home in the afternoon, the last ends weren't woven in till bedtime last night.

If you're interested in this pattern (and these would be a great alternative for socks as a Christmas gift) it's available from Joan Goldstein, P O Box 2556,
Bigfork MT 59911, h-jgold(at)bigsky(dot)net, for $8.

Last night I picked up my Anemoi mitten, which I wouldn't mind finishing before this last football game, myself. Somewhere, some time since I last laid it aside, I've lost one of my lovely, short, size 0 Brittany birch needles. [Insert expletive here *&^%.]


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