Complete on the right front?

Am Kamin

Well, yes and no. I finished the right front of Am Kamin. But somewhere along the line, either my calculations or my knitting is off. I had decided the back of the sweater needed to be 60 rows from the sleeve cast off to the neck, and the front needs to be 58 rows. Somehow, my front is 62 rows long along the raglan edge. So, now I need to correct this, AND do it in such a way that I can make the other side more or less the same. I have some ideas, but it's a good time to let them steep, I think.

If any of you are rooting for this sweater, it's getting less knitting time now that I'm knitting on the afghan, but since I'm not working on the afghan in front of my son, I still need a "public" project. So this is getting at least a few rows most nights.

You can look forward to a photo of the first "strip" of the afghan soon.

We've just finished a difficult week here at Works in Progress. A young man in our church died very tragically early in the week. Not someone anyone in our house is close to, but with many connections to us. It was a sad and very busy week.

This week has started with a happier surprise. I (randomly) won a prize over at Berlin's Whimsy. Berlin/Amber's blog is often a treat. Pictures of the beauty she finds around her, her lovely and creative projects (some knitting, some other needlework), and searingly honest glimpses of her life -- worth a peek if you aren't already there.


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