Happy Birthday baby!

One of my sisters and I have birthdays a week apart. In fact, last week we were the same age (if you're only counting by years, that is). I've been waiting for our mutual celebration to show you this: Amy Butler Frenchie Bag
It's a "Frenchy" bag designed by Amy Butler. I made it for my sister for her birthday. Quite honestly, this was one of those presents that is a little selfish -- I REALLY want one of these myself, and my sister's birthday seemed a good excuse to make one. I used Amy Butler fabrics, which I found locally at Village Quiltworks. I did use a Joel Dewberry fabric for the lining, see: Amy Butler Frenchie Bag
That's a magnetic clasp, and there are three sections (two pocket dividers) in the bottom of the bag.
Amy Butler BagHere's a picture with the button I added. It's just for looks. The colors are more correct in the earlier pictures.

Next up, one for me!


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