Brightening a winter weekend

Since I was a little girl, I've loved new shoes. This is a not un-common characteristic, especially in women. Odd though, if you think about it. I don't get all happy-dancey about other new clothes, even if I like them a lot. There's something about new shoes.
Winter pick-me-ups?
Channeling Jane Brocket, here's a shot of my new shoes. They're from REI, which is having their wonderful super-clearance sale right now. Because the only thing better than new shoes might be new shoes that were 65% off.

The photo is taken on our hall rug, a little light in my life that's hid under a bushel. Those are socks woven into that rug. It's very similar to the fish rug, here.

Then yesterday I finished this:
Winter pick-me-ups?
It's MY Frenchy bag, this one in fabric from Michael Miller.
Here's a shot of the watermelon lining:
Winter pick-me-ups?
I guess I must have been longing for a touch of the tropics when I picked out these fabrics.


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