Flowers for the dancer

ballet - Hansel & Gretel
My weekend (along with more of my life than I sometimes like) has been tied up in this -- my daughter's ballet performance in Hansel and Gretel. She's one of these beautiful brides.

Though her mother forgot the traditional bouquet, her girl friends and her biology teacher* didn't. So when we got home, I took her carnations and rose and baby's breath, and added a few flowers from my garden to make this bouquet for her.
Ballet flowers

I was inspired by this post from the charming "All That is Good" blog. Trina did a very nice tutorial on flower arranging. Trina's bouquet was lovely and tasteful -- an artistic combination of white flowers. The total gaudiness of my arrangement is mostly the result of the flowers blooming now in our yard. And maybe a bit of a reflection of our theater weekend. In no way is Trina to blame.
Ballet flowers
I especially like the mardi gras-esque clash of colors between my coral rose and the pink carnations.

*How lucky are we? My daughter attends a large public high school. Her biology teacher and his wife (their daughter used to dance) came to watch the show, bringing a rose for each of the three dancers that are his students. Wonderful!


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