Is a picture worth . . .

at least a couple of posts?

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I'm working on Tempest -- the only available needle I had in the right size is a bit too slippery (for me) in this yarn at this gauge. So I've been in the market for a wooden or bamboo needle -- which surprisingly took three trips to three stores to find.

So of course, I've found other things.
3 great iPhotos
These buttons, from Joanne Fabrics, are one possibility for Am Kamin. (Am Kamin, which is somewhat forgotten, but not gone.)

But then today at Knitty Gritty, they were having a Blackwater Abbey trunk show, and I found these buttons:
3 great iPhotos
The original sweater has leaf shaped buttons, which should be too much, with all that cabling and crossing going on, but somehow isn't.

Which ones would you use? Lots of time to think and try -- I'll finish Tempest before I start work on Am Kamin again.


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