Birthday lunch

In Seattle
One of my friends recently wrote about how so many of us were facing times of "moving on" in our lives. I suspect that is because so much of life is change -- sometimes hoped for, sometimes dreaded.

Our lives have had lots of changes in the past months. Mostly good ones, some not so. One of the mostly good ones was sending our first kid off to college. Mostly good, because that's one of the targets we've been aiming for, as we raised him. And good because he's at a great school, and doing fine. But still an adjustment, for us as well as him.

His birthday was last week, and yesterday we drove to Seattle to take him to lunch. A long way to drive for lunch, but it was worth doing. We ate here - and then took Lucy for a walk at Golden Gardens, before shopping at Archie McPhee's (you were thinking Nordstrom?) and taking our car-less kid to get a few groceries and such.

It was a great day. Seeing my two kids so happy to see one another might have been the best part of all.


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