Spud and Chloe

It just happens that Dancing Ewe Yarns and Teas in Ellensburg is right on the way to SeaTac airport -- at least if you're driving from our house. So, we made a stop for lunch (at the Yellow Church Cafe) and yarn.
Spud & Chloe
This is what I got -- the new Spud & Chloe sweater yarn (tempting just for the cute tags, but also soft and springy feeling) and the pattern for the Candy Stripe Jacket. The colors are Lake and Grass. I love the red in the picture, but the actual red yarn used is pretty orange for my taste. I love this blue. I've admired this cute jacket pattern since the Spud & Chloe range was announced. I'm a little nervous about the style on *me*, but I'm going to risk it.

Tomorrow, pictures of textile gifts from India and Thailand.


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