A Sad Story

It's about my red sweater. This one - Am Kamin.

After wearing it three days in a row, I decided to wash it before adding some ribbon to counteract the stretching it was doing in the neck.

I accidentally felted this sweater.

It was like a death, but it wasn't. I grieved, I was sad. I was ashamed of doing something so stupid.

But unlike a death (losing a pet for instance), I can make another sweater. My goal is to be able to wear it next fall.

So, if it feels like deja vu all over again, that's because it is.

I do intend to do a few things differently (besides obviously avoiding laundry room idiocy). I thought the knit-as-you-go button band could have used a few less rows - so I plan to do a few short rows so that the band will be flatter. And, I intend to knit the raglan part in one piece -- I'll knit the back and two fronts (which I'll knit at the same time) up to the armholes, and then knit all three pieces (plus the sleeves) at once. I think it will make for a nicer raglan line.

Please -- I'm not allowing comments on this post, and I REALLY don't want any comments, suggestions, or sympathy.


Tomorrow: a finished sweater!

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