Is it better, the second time around?

It's finished! Again!

For more information, here are all the Am Kamin posts - for both the sweaters.  And here's the Ravelry link. 

What did I do differently?
  • The sleeves are about an inch and a half shorter than the first sweater I made. 
  • I knit the sweater in one piece from the armholes up -- so instead of sewing five pieces on the raglan lines, I knit the whole thing together. 
  • I did some short rows so the button band would not be a bit longer than the sweater. 
  • I knit a set of short rows right after I put all the pieces together, so the back of the sweater is longer than the front.   This is per Elizabeth Zimmerman's raglan instructions, but also coincides with the length of the various raglan lines in the Am Kamin design. 
  • I didn't bind off or decrease at the neck edge -- I did short rows.
  • I also started the front of the neck sooner (thus lower) and a bit rounder than in the original sweater (and the pattern). Yet, as you can see, it is still a high crew neck. It just fits better. 
  • I crocheted a chain along the bottom of the inside of the neckline.  My first sweater wanted to stretch out at the back of the neck, and looked sloppy after the first wearing.  Thanks to the Yarn Harlot for this idea.  
  • This sweater will never go in the "hand wash/wool cycle of my front-loading washing machine (LG - otherwise good).   
My second Am Kamin
  • From New Style of Heirloom Knitting
  • Seven skeins of Cascade 220, color 9404 (ruby) dyelot 3882, purchased from WEBS
  • 8 La Mode Buttons #4258
  • Size 6 needles throughout except for first few rows of tubular cast on (size 4 for that)
  • Began March 26, 2010; completed October 29, 2010
And yes, it is better the second time around.
I love my new sweater, just in time for sweater weather!


  1. Congrats - looks great!

  2. oh wow, it turned out beautifully!! The colour, the fit- it all looks perfect. great job!!

  3. So very beautiful. . . and so very impressive! :-)

  4. YAY!! Awesome job Pam!! You finished it just in time for sweater weather too.


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