One Kind of Incentive

I'm now in a hurry to finish the Flower Power Throw.  Because a couple of weeks ago, I bought the yarn for this:

It's the En Pointe Pullover, by Alice Tang, from Interweave Knits, Spring 2011.  Thanks to them for the photograph.

Everything about this sweater called to my spring-hungry eyes -- the graceful moebius twist, pretty color, sheer texture.  So, I'm being quite unoriginal and bought just the yarn the magazine used.

I've also bought a longer needle (did you know they make 60" needles???) for my throw, and more yarn.  I'm nearly halfway, and weighing the yarn on my rattle-trap kitchen scale (I have bad luck with kitchen scales), not to mention counting balls, revealed that my fears are probably well-founded.  Not enough. 


  1. That sweater caught my eye too! It's going to look beautiful on you with your dark hair.

    I love your flower power throw -- it's so nice to see some floral intarsia. I have a few sweaters I've saved (store bought) from when they were popular, and I hope that style will come back, so we will have lots of lovely patterns to experiment with. :) Is working with the bobbins hard?


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