Happy Mom Today!

I finished!

En Pointe Pullover
  • Design by Alice Tang, from Interweave Knits, Spring 2011
  • Louet KidLin Lace Weight (linen/mohair/nylon) 4 skeins and possibly a tad of a 5th used
  • Color #23, Deep Cerise - purchased at Sheep's Clothing (a Louet fashion show's on their blog right now)
  • Size 7 Addi Natura needles
This was a fun project, and due to our cool spring, I've actually finished it with some time to wear it.  MAYBE the loose structure and linen content will allow wear in truly warm weather, but the mohair makes me wonder.  Though unoriginal, I'm glad I used the yarn and the color that were featured in the magazine.  The linen/mohair yarn drapes without being droopy.  And the color's nice.
Looking at these picture, I realize that rolling up the sleeves isn't an attractive solution, so I'll be stepping back to the drawing board (or rather the knitting chair) to shorten the sleeves.  Luckily they were knit from the shoulders down.

I did a few things differently than is my usual practice on this sweater.  I DID block the front & back rectangles before sewing the shoulders to knit the sleeves.  With this loose gauge, it made sense to be careful to have the pieces in their proper dimensions before construction.  Often, I wait till a garment is put together to block, especially if I know I can match row by row when seaming.  And, I not only followed the instructions to use a crocheted chain to sew the shoulders, I used the crochet technique on the side and sleeve seams as well.  Years ago I attended a Stitches class with Cynthia Helene (from New Zealand -- at that time with yarn & patterns too).  She strongly advocated using a crocheted chain to sew up sweaters.  All in all, I don't agree -- I love the nearly invisible finish of a mattress stitched seam.  But for this sweater, with loose gauge and fuzzy yarn, the crocheted seams made sense.  Why?  Because then I wasn't dragging long lengths of yarn through each stitch, just one loop at a time.  And the crocheted chain gives the seam more stability -- it doesn't feel like it will easily stretch out of shape. 

Virtually finished, in time to wear out for brunch on Mother's Day tomorrow! 

If you're a mom, or celebrating with yours, I hope it's a terrific day!


  1. This is beautiful Pam! Lovely job. Happy Mother's Day to you :)

  2. What a beautiful sweater, Pam. It looks just lovely on you. Perfect. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  3. Anonymous7:32 PM

    It looks better on you than on the model in the magazine.



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