Still blogging?

You may ask.
And, I guess I am.  To fill in the long gap, you should know that this happened:
But this:
wasn't finished.  In fact, it still isn't.

On graduation day, I was about to the spot the line of yarn is in this picture.

Now, I've finished the blanket (except for weaving in ends) as written in the pattern.  But, I want a border.  Not a big border, but it will be another 2 or three skeins of yarn before I'm done.  I like the border though.
It's both lacy and has some crunchy texture.  And though it's knitted, it adds a granny square vibe that I like.

The rick-rack-ish lace border was borrowed (and adapted) from Debbie Bliss's New Baby Knits.  "New" is a bit of a misnomer by now, but there is still a lot of cute knitting in this book.
It's the same border I used for this sweater,
made for the same daughter who's getting the Flower Power Throw.  Looking at this picture, I wonder if the border came to mind because the color scheme is similar.  The sweater colors were dictated by colors available in the sale basket at Yarns International, and the flowers in her Easter dress that year.  It was more or less my own design. 
That was a long time ago. 


  1. Congratulations to your lovely daughter -- and to you! The blanket is so beautiful and bright; just lovely! Enjoy your summer!


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