What Next?

When a big project is finished, the question is often, "what next?"

My son just finished a big project -- four years at Seattle Pacific University and a bachelor of science degree are complete.  (That's him with his sister after graduation.)

The final honors project is finished too.  And he knows what's next.  On to grad school at Johns Hopkins.  We're so happy for him, so proud. 

My what next is much smaller and less significant.  But I'm happy too.
This is the first piece -- the center back, of Chic Knits Cinnie.  I'm so excited -- I think this sweater will be really cute, and it's fun to knit.  The lace pattern for this center back panel was easy enough to memorize, and yet still pretty and interesting to look at.  The construction is fun too - the next bit is cast on for the left front, and the stitches for the left back are picked up from this center panel. 

I'm hoping I finish this before it's time to send off the graduate at the end of summer.  Hoping the knitting is quick, but the summer is slow. 


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