The way to a knitter's needles . . .

is not difficult.  Especially if you're someone in her family who wears/enjoys the other things she's knit for you.  And if you happen to admire HER notebook sleeve (made from a felted sweater, repurposed), and ask for one for YOUR new computer, and YOU are moving all the way across the United States for grad school, and she's afraid she will be missing you very much.

You'll end up with this.
A custom, felted laptop sleeve.  I used two and a little bit skeins of Noro silk garden in a lovely colorway that includes greens, blues, grays, and black; and one skein of Universal Yarn's Deluxe Worsted, in Ebony.
Knit in the round, I alternated between the two yarns every garter ridge - since I was doing garter stitch in the round, it was knit one round, purl one round.  I purled the edge stitches every round (first stitch and then half way round).  This seemed NOT to work before felting, but after felting did just as I'd hoped, and defined the edge.  When I'd knit enough (more on that, another post) I did a three needle bind-off, closing up the bottom.  Felted firmly in the washer, and added an elastic strap to hold the computer in.
We chose the elastic band because we liked the simple look with the striped sleeve.  Also because we ruled out a flap, a zipper, or a button.  We wanted the sleeve to double as a nice mat for the laptop when in use.
Tomorrow (or so), I'll post instructions in case you'd like to make one like it.


  1. AND . . . my son would love this one, too! Please do post your how-to! :-)


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