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"Blog mustache" -- that's what it said on my to-do list yesterday.  Those are words I never thought I'd have on my list, but there it was, even if it stayed undone until today.

About a week before Valentine's Day, one of my co-workers suggested we have a "mustache contest" to celebrate Valentine's Day.  The only rules were that you had to make your own mustache -- you could buy supplies, but you couldn't go out and buy a mustache.  Since all the teachers in our program are female, and the kids are under 12, no one was growing one.

Of course, I immediately thought of knitting one.  So over the weekend I did a little googling, and a little Ravelry searching, and found Holly's instructions for a Knitted Moustache.  Then I did a little scrounging through my extensive collection of left-over yarn.  And I sat down to watch Downton Abbey (Episode 6)

By the end of the evening, I had this:

Knit of some leftover Fyberspates Scrumptious DK,  merino/silk, color slate, on size 3 needles.  Stuffed with some polyester stuffing.  The little heart is made of some leftover Venezia Worsted, alpaca/silk.  Instead of yarn, I used some elastic thread to make the ear loops.

It also lends an  air of silly distinction to men:

Though it can also have a Snidely Whiplash vibe:


I did not win the contest, one of the students did, which is totally right. But I have this cool mustache to show for it, so I win too!


  1. I am glad to see the ear loops... I was trying to imagine some sort of knitted nasal hook to keep it in place. Super cute and fun. A student should win.. but if it were different circumstances, you would certainly be the winner.

  2. I LOVE it! It is absolutely perfect. . . and definitely a WINNER!


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