A Bird in the Hand

A few weeks ago, I tagged along on a trip my husband needed to take to Portland.  He was going to be busy all day, so I "messaged" a friend in the area who I know through an online book group, and who also happens to be a knitter.  As we were making our arrangements to meet for lunch, Martha added, "And you know it's the yarn crawl that weekend?"

Well, no I didn't - but I do now.  If you're ever in Portland for the Rose City Yarn Crawl, well, you'll see that they do it right in Portland.  Prize drawings, patterns, even a live lamb.  Though I didn't visit very many shops, I sure enjoyed the ones I did. 

Probably the most inviting shop we visited was Happy Knits.   I don't know about you, but some shops are just more inspiring than others, and this was a good one for me.  Lots of light, yarn arranged in ways that seemed sane.  And then I saw Bertie Lou. 


And I had to have her.  Or maybe him.  Hard to tell.  Bertie's meant to be a hostess gift for my sister, but I got her outside for a photo shoot before we left.

The kit comes complete with nest - everything you need but the stuffing.  It was the shop's design for 2012's Rose City Yarn Crawl, and was designed by Tai Faux.  In my Ravelry projects here

Inspired by Rowan's Esther, Ernie, & Enid, I gave Bertie some feet.

 But not their legs or cute little knees.  Just feet.  I used a little leftover sock yarn - might have been some Mountain Colors Bearfoot (?).  But now, it's bird's foot.

And, as you can see, spring is finally beginning to spring.

I think I'll have to use up some leftover sock yarn and make another! 



  1. I love her. Thanks for such a sweet gift. How did you make her nest?

  2. Oh, Pam! How ADORABLE. I want to Stop the Presses here . . . and make one (or two!) for myself.

  3. Pam, how did I ever miss this one on your blog? It is simply DARLING!! What a wonderful hostess gift!


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