Special delivery

Sometimes, the biggest gift is received by the giver - and this was one of those times.  This past spring, we joined my daughter, for a couple of weeks, in Italy, where she was studying.  We had the privilege of meeting the woman who hosted her homestay.  I had made the Alby scarf for her, and it was such a treat to present it in person. 

My daughter helped me (by phone and LONG distance) to choose colors, and I was so happy that they looked so pretty with her eyes. 

What a blessing this lady was -- of course room and board had been paid, but she gave my daughter so many things money can't pay for -- kindness, care and concern when she was sick, friendship, good advice, and so much more.  She even invited us for a meal in her lovely home.  It's hard to out-give a generous soul, and so my knitting was only a token.  So glad we got to meet face to face.  Ciao!


  1. What a lovely gift . . . for a truly special lady! (And what an AWESOME experience for your daughter! My daughter spent a semester in London during college -- and it was GREAT.)


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