Wee Chickadee

Possibly the cutest thing I've ever knit.

Unfortunately, I miscalculated my gauge, so I'm nervous that it will be too small on the not quite so wee little chick it is meant for.  It turned out a bit long and narrow.  But SO cute.

Wee Chickadee

  • Wee Chickadee pattern by Ysolde Teague
  • Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light - 1 skein Happiness (color exclusive to Happy Knits in Portland, OR), and small Unicorn Tails (mini-skeins of tosh merino light) in Cousteau, Antique Lace, and Whiskey Barrel
  • size 1 US needles
  • intended size:  9-12 months.  In reality, much smaller
  • Buttons from Hancock Fabrics, Lauren Hancock
  • on Ravelry
I especially love how the birds, in the Cousteau blue, look solidly blue from a distance, but glow with variegation up close. 

The pattern calls for the trim around the neck, front bands, and bottom of the body to be knit all at once, with mitered corners.  I thought the neckline, in the pictures on Ravelry, looked too open, and the miters didn't look quite tidy.  Instead, I knit the bottom on as I went, then did the neckline in a knit purl ribbing, and then did the front bands.  Neater, mostly, but there were a lot of ends to weave in, from the contrast colored tipping.  If I'd kept all bands the same color as the body, I wouldn't have had that problem.   Also, I didn't pick up EVERY stitch around the neckline -- if I had to do it again, I would, trusting the ribbing to pull the neck edge in a bit. 

    The only thing cuter than this sweater might be the little girl who it was made for.  If her parents are up for it, maybe you'll see a picture in the future.  In any case, as the color name says, I hope she'll be wrapped in happiness. 


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