New Favorite

I have a new favorite cardigan -- Breckon, knit just like in the pattern book, from Brooklyn Tweed in their Loft yarn,  color Truffle Hunt.

I love the cables, I love the lace, I love the tweed, I love every edge.  It fits well.  It looks great with the blacks and blues of my wardrobe, even though it's a brown color.  It's warm but light, not heavy and hot.  Favorite.

I found some perfectly unobtrusive buttons at Joann's, the fabric store I love to dislike.

All the cast-ons are tubular, and the cast-offs as well (sewn, therefore).  I tried out Ysolde Teague's method on the sleeves.  I love the idea of this method, but I didn't manage to execute it very well.  For the bottom of the body, I used the Japanese method, crocheting a chain, picking up stitches, etc.  My instructions are from a blog called Purl of the Orient that seems to have disappeared.  They are good instructions, and with them I get a nice edge.  I used the sewn method to do the cast-offs.



  • designed by Amy Christoffers for Brooklyn Tweed
  • Brooklyn Tweed Loft yarn, color Truffle Hunt, 6 skeins -- 100% wool, 275 yards/50 grams
  • Size 42 (actual garment measurement)
  • US 6 needles (and US 3)
  • on Ravelry here 
I started this post long ago, and am now finally finishing it.  There's a weird coda to the favoriteness of this sweater.  I still love this sweater.  But I don't get compliments on it when I'm wearing it.  I've worn it quite a lot through a rather hectic (though not always festive) December.  No one asks me if I made it, as they sometimes do when I wear one of my own handknits.  I'm not asking for (nor do I want) reasons why this is happening.  It's just curious.  


  1. It's lovely, Pam! I can see why it's a favorite!


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