2015 Weather scarf

 It's been done for some time, but finding time to photograph it in daylight has been hard.  It's my version of Bex's 2015 Weather Scarf.  The (then) 9 year old who thought up the idea for this scarf is adorable -- you should go here and read the story.  And if you like this idea, please consider buying the pattern on Ravelry -- it's for a great cause, and it's a great idea. 

Bex's scarf was designed for Seattle's milder climates.  Here on the eastern side of the state, we get higher highs, and lower lows.  So I did adjust the temperature/color ranges for that. 
I've knit one row for each day of 2015.  The colors are coded to that day's high temperature. 

My color/temperature ranges were:

  • below 35 (degrees Fahrenheit):  Gumshoe (darkest gray)
  • 36-43, Jack of all Trades (another gray)
  • 44-51 Magnet & Steel (yet another)
  • 52-60 Dove Cote (lovely bluey gray and my favorite color on the scarf)
  • 61-69 Thank You Note (turquoise)
  • 70-77 Silver lining (the almost white)
  • 78-85 Registry (silvery gray)
  • 86-94 Bubbly (pink)
  • 95 and above Bellini (orange)

 As you can see, the grays were TOO similar. 
 And we had a VERY hot summer.  I really intended the orange to add just a little spice.  But instead. . . more orange than pink.
 Here are the yarn portraits from The Plucky Knitter.  In hindsight, I maybe should have realized the grays would be too alike, but they still look more different in these pictures than in my scarf.  I ordered these two gradient groupings of their Primo Sport yarn - a blend of 75% (fine Italian superwash) merino wool, 20% cashmere, and 5% nylon.  It's lovely stuff, and I've enjoyed wearing it around my neck. 

Plucky yarn is quite an experience.  If you want it, you really need to be on their mailing list, and then when they announce that yarn will be available, set an alarm to go online to order yarn.  It's almost a cult-ish feel, but between great yarn bases and amazing colors, I can see why it's such popular stuff. 

Geeky stats -- the highest temperature in Kennewick this year was 108 on July 31 -- there were 11 days in July when the temperature was in the triple digits.  The lowest high was on November 28, when it warmed all the way up to 23 degrees. 

This was a fun project - often I knit just one row in for the previous day's temperature before going on to work on anther project.  It made me pay closer attention to my area's weather. 

It would be a good "souvenir" to make of a special year or for a special place. 

I have quite a lot of each of these yarns left.  What else can I make with them?


  1. Just lovely! Plucky yarn is very nice -- but almost impossible to get your hands on.

  2. Love your weather cowl-- I keep thinking I should do this--it's your color choice that make this one so amazing. Very inspiring!
    meanwhile-thanks for commenting on my Stopover/Steover blog blab. I agree- the Brown Sheep Lambs Pride lopapeysas are anything but light and frothy--but wow do they wear. I still have one I knit 25 years ago that's hanging in there. Heavy as ever.

  3. Thanks Gale - I have looked at those colors so long, it's hard to have perspective anymore. This was a fun project - I recommend it.

  4. Sarah Del Toro7:35 PM

    This is the coolest thing. I think it would be such a fun project for me as a busy mom. Just one row a night. Thanks for sharing!


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