Now that it's far too hot where I live to wear Aran weight wool, here it is.  L'Enveloppe is a combination of poncho, shawl, and shrug.  It was designed by Sally Melville.  I have wanted to knit one since I first saw this pattern.  I had some birthday money which I used on the yarn (like finishing the garment, this was a long while ago).  I used Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester Aran.  The color is called Stardust.

This picture was taken this spring, when my husband and I were spending a few days in Leavenworth.  Though you could wear L'Enveloppe as part of an outfit, it's well-suited for how I wore it -- that little something you bring along in case you decide to sit outside, or if it's going to be cool after sundown.  It feels cozy but also stylish and elegant.  It felt more elegant than I think it looks in this picture.

It can be knit in garter stitch or seed stitch.  I would have preferred to make mine garter, but the swatch looked nicer in seed stitch -- next time, though, garter.  Seed stitch is a bit tedious.

This is a lovely wool - pretty light for Aran weight -- it smells nicely sheepy, and though not merino soft, is soft, and at this gauge has a nice drape.


  • designed by Sally Melville
  • Made with 4 skeins of Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester Aran, 100% wool (202 yards/skein), color:  stardust
  • US size 9 needle 
  • Size M
  • on Ravelry here 



  1. That's gorgeous! With the arms free, I might even be able to wear it and not get too hot. Too bad I can't knit. Nice job!

  2. Ooooo! I have wanted to make one of these for a very long time. I think you've just pushed me into the sooner (than later) camp! It looks wonderful and elegant and practical and lovely!


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