Knitting is supposed to be fun . . .

A month or two ago, in the middle of a somewhat complex project, I decided to take a break from complications and do some simpler knitting.  

I've done a several things during my break - but this might be my favorite.  It's called Newsom, designed by Bristol Ivy.  
The knitting was simple, but the design was interesting.  All the knitting started with just a few stitches (6 maybe) at the bottom of the center back.  Those diagonal lines up the back are miters - the knitting actually turns a corner (and makes an increase) at those points.  After the back is knit to the armholes, the sleeves are knit, added, and the whole thing finishes in one piece.  Other than adjusting the sleeve length (as is often the case, not enough) I just followed the directions!

I've had the yarn for several years.  It's a hand-dyed yarn from Sundara yarns.  The colorway is one of her "Daily Dreams," called Smoke and Mirrors.  Sundara uses photographs as a starting point and dyes the yarn from that inspiration.  I once thought this would be used to knit for one of the men in my life, but lately I've realized it could fill a gap in my wardrobe.  For instance, a sweater for the blouse I'm wearing today.  


  • designed by Bristol Ivy
  • Sundara Sport Merino Two,  100% merino wool,  Smoke & Mirrors colorway, 5 skeins (though I didn't use most of the last skein)
  • US size 4 and 2 needles
  • on Ravelry here 
And yes, some of those white flecks (especially in the second picture) are snowflakes.  Lots of snow, lots of cold here now.  Good knitting weather, not so good for photographing sweaters.  


  1. That's a lovely sweater, Pam! And it looks fun to knit, too. Hmmmm. I'm thinking I may have a gap in my wardrobe, too. . .

  2. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Love the yarn and sweater design...very interesting!


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