I finished this sweater FOUR weeks ago. We were just on the eve of leaving for a cross-country drive, helping my daughter and son-in-law move to Montgomery, Alabama.  I could share this sweater when I got back, right?  Well, we returned on Sunday evening, the day before Labor Day.  There were wildfires burning throughout the west.  We were never in danger, but there was a little smoke in the air.  And then we woke up to this: 

Smoky air.  Here in Washington state, our air quality scale goes from 1-500.  We had several days of 500 on the air quality index.  Anywhere from 301-500 is considered hazardous.  Everyone was discouraged from spending time outdoors.  And any pictures you took, indoors or out, were dark with an orange tinge. 

But today, here we are.  At last, clean air!!

So I am sharing my latest finished sweater.  It's called Yokester, by Hanna Maciejewska.  It was knit front the top down.  I used a silk and wool blend yarn from Farmer's Daughter Fibers that I found in  Ashland, Oregon, last year when we were there over Memorial Day weekend. It's odd to think now about that weekend, sitting in the dark with hundreds of other people watching live theater.  

This pattern had options for short or long sleeves, and a smaller or wider neckline.  As you can see, I opted for long sleeves, and the smaller neckline.  The pattern photos show a lovely wide neckline (which on my narrow shoulders tend to have a bit too much of a Flashdance vibe) so I wanted the smaller neckline.  Unfortunately, I cast off too tightly the first time and couldn't fit the sweater over my head. With a looser cast off (using a tubular bind-off) it fits just fine.IMG_7464

A closer picture of the lace yoke. It didn't look like much till I blocked it (washed and laid out flat).

IMG_7470 A closeup of the Tiny Bobbles stitch at the wrist (it's also on the yoke, above and below the lace.

Q%oVwy8KTVSXRUVYo4DQqg And the finish at the bottom edge. 


  • By Hanna Maciejewska at Hada Knits
  • 4 skeins of Farmer's Daughter Fibers Foxy Lady, 70% super-wash Merino, 30% silk, 428 yards/skein, in the I've Got Dreams to Remember colorway.  I had quite a bit of the last skein left. Purchased at The Websters in Ashland, OR
  • US size 3 and 2 needles
  • NOT knit to pattern gauge -  so my sizing was adjusted for the gauge I was knitting (about 27 stitches and 37 rows in 4 inches.  I used the instructions for the 47" sweater but finished sweater measures about 42.5" 
  • on Ravelry here



  1. Beautiful sweater! Your skirt looks amazing as well. Glad your air is better, the fires have been crazy this, as if COVID isn't enough to keep us inside the smoke makes it even more difficult to be out, oye vey.

    1. Thanks Eileen! The skirt is from Maiwa, in Vancouver, BC. They have lots of cool hand-made/handwover or printed things.


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