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A year of living knitterly

The folks at Mason-Dixon Knitting are, among other things, doing A Year of Techniques.  I've subscribed to the patterns, and finished my March project, Helical Mitts, aka Hyacinthus armwarmers
Mine turned out to be rather fraternal, not identical.  They are made from a Zauberball - a yarn with long color changes.  Mine are in a beautiful Creme of Chocolate colorway, which really doesn't go with my wardrobe very well. Unless chocolate goes with everything?

The really wonderful thing about these mitts is the helical (think helix, or spiral) stripes.   Usually, when knitting in the round, knitted stripes have a jog. 

This is because when knitting in the round, we are really knitting a spiral.  The helical stripes do not have a jog, because they are KNIT in a spiral.  It's easier to try and do than to explain.  But the tutorial is at the top of the page, here.   Think of a finely knitted barber pole, and you have the idea. 

As you can see by the forsythia, Spring has fina…

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