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Leaving by Anne Hanson

A truly beautiful sweater, and a nicely designed pattern.  Because the lace pattern is so big and irregular, it was not a pleasure to knit.  But the finished product is lovely.

The back.

The pattern calls for Oasis, from the Woolen Rabbit, which is described as a light sport-weight and is 70% camel and 30% silk.  I was wary of the camel, because I worried it would be too warm, and would maybe not have as much body as I'd like (drapey vs. body:  this is a drapey pattern).  This colorway was requested.  So I chose Woolen Rabbit's Opal, which is now described as fingering weight, but, as you can see from this hang-tag, was described as light sport weight as well, at the time I bought it.

It may indeed be a tad light for this sweater, but to add to the intrigue, Ravelry calls BOTH yarns fingering weight.  Regardless, my photos do not do the color of this yarn justice.  It's not quite as blue, and in the best possible way is more muted and muddy to the ey…

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