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A Year of Techniques: Alex

So I'll admit, I wasn't so excited about Alex when I saw the pattern.  Maybe for any of a number of reasons, but mostly because I didn't have a small person in mind who might want him (or her, she could totally be a her).

But I knit along anyway, because there were a couple of techniques I wanted to practice.  This pattern uses the pin-hole cast on, which I first learned as Emily Ocker's circular cast-on.  It also uses an applied i-cord edging to join the front and back pieces of the ear.  It turns out, that was the novel technique I don't remember using before.

Now that he's done, I love him (or her, I mean, those eyes).  And I realize I have a couple of options for giving him (or her) away.

The pattern is by Ella Austin, who has quite a few cute knitted toy patterns.  It's not my favorite pattern.  There were a few details missing, like when (or whether) to cast off the leg stitches, and I would have liked a little more information about how to sew the p…

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