Monday, April 24, 2006

Karis Progress

I've started the bottom border on Karis -- it's knit on side-ways, absorbing the live stitches at the bottom as I go. LOTS of rows, but lovely. I'm hoping this actually ends up big enough -- it looks sort of narrow. But it's lace.

Last week on Thursday I ordered the yarn for am Kamin -- I'd add a link for the color, but I didn't write it down and don't trust my memory. I chose a color very similar to the picture in the pattern book - as shown on the knitalong web site. Also very similar to the color of this project -- I tend to do this. I love red sweaters - and shades of wine. Black pants too, but that might be a different issue.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Places I've knit . . .

Kat has a little blogland contest going - 5 places I've knit, other than my home or yarn store.

1. At the beach in Oregon
2. On the Ferry going to Orcas Island
3. On airplanes going anywhere
4. At middle school concerts (though not while anyone is performing -- lots of waiting at these)
5. At my oncologist's office, during chemo

Saturday, April 15, 2006

An out of season birthday gift. . .

Way back when, when I saw these Pocket Creature Handwarmers in Knitty, I thought they might be fun to make for my sister, Linda. Linda does not like to be cold -- and is always looking for ways to stay truly warm during the winter. So, I don't have Linda's name for Christmas (that's how we do things in our family), so the idea is set aside for -- her birthday. Which is in April. Which is when hand-warmers become pretty much unnecessary in this part of the world. Still, when I finally remembered what my idea for Linda's birthday was, I made these:

According to the pattern, their names are Mimi and Eddie. Inside them are little bags of rice and lavender:

I was proud of myself for thinking of the health food store for the lavender -- I wonder where else one might buy some lavender?

I was a little nervous about this gift -- besides being out-of-season, they were really designed for kids. And are a tad dorky, though in the nicest possible way. So to hedge my bets, I included some fancy lavender hand cream as well.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spring, and what I'm reading

This is the crabapple tree beside my driveway. The golden glow is from after-supper-daylight-savings-time sunshine -- or perhaps our admiration.

Since I'm knitting a secret project, knit-talk is on hold for a few days. Books are fair game though.

On our trip we listened to an audiobook of THUD! By Terry Pratchett. Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels are favorites of my son, so this was a great thing to listen to in the car from more than one perspective. (The kids were along for an hour and a half of our trip each way, 'till we reached Grandma's house). There are lots to like about Pratchett's Discworld books - personally I enjoy laughing out loud and feeling bright to have caught the joke - which is probably more to the author's credit than mine. Adding to the fun of this book is the nightly six o'clock reading of Where's My Cow? to "young Sam Vimes". We STILL read out loud to our two, though we aren't as dedicated these days as Sam Vimes is. The Discword books are a series, sort of. So, it's your pick whether you plunge in with this one, to see if you like it, or start with an earlier book, like Night Watch, or read about them here at the author's web site. The series is often sold with other fantasy novels -- and if you like modern fantasy, you'll probably like these. But it would be a mistake to avoid these books because you don't care for that sort of thing. Unless you don't like to laugh & feel witty.

Now I'm listening to Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer while I walk, do my chores, and sometimes while I knit. It's hard to evaluate a book while you're in the middle of it, other than to say I'm enjoying it, and I tend to look for opportunities to get back to it. Good signs.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Setting Karis Aside

Today is my sister Linda's birthday. (Happy Birthday Linda, if you read this). Now it's been nagging me for several days, that I had a GOOD idea for Linda's birthday gift. I had a good idea, but I lost it. Suddenly, today I remembered. It would have been better if this had occured to me two weeks ago, but today the gears clicked into place and the good idea drifted back up to the top of my fuzzy brain. Luckily, though today is Linda's birthday, we're not celebrating until the whole family gets together on Sunday. So, there's time. Maybe. So Karis is set aside for a secret project. The project might use some of this yarn:

Or it might use some of this:

After Easter Sunday, I can share the project. Meanwhile, I need to decide tonight whether I'm using bits of leftovers from the (locally) famous "pillows that match my rug", or the remnants from the Grant Avenue vest I knit a few years ago. I'm rather leaning toward the former, mainly because of the texture of the yarn.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Home from Orcas

We're home again after a lovely few days at Turtleback Farm Inn on Orcas Island.

The Inn has its own sheep.
Which give their own wool.

This will be some wrist-warmers/fingerless mitts someday.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Destination: Tennessee

A wonderful, exhausting weekend. It was the Washington State Destination Imagination Tournament. My son's team (managed by my husband) represented our region in their challenge -- they placed second, and qualified to attend the GLOBAL FINALS in Knoxville, TN in May. This is wonderful, if daunting news.

To recover from the tournament (at which I was an appraiser - in another challenge) we've got ---- Spring BREAK! Tomorrow the kids are going to grandma's, and Chuck & I are off to Orcas Island for a few days. We'll return to fund-raising and travel arrangements, and deciding if all of us are going or just the team. Back in a few days!

BTW, if you want to make your own dorky motivational poster (or a not so dorky one, it's up to you), check out this website.