Spring, and what I'm reading

This is the crabapple tree beside my driveway. The golden glow is from after-supper-daylight-savings-time sunshine -- or perhaps our admiration.

Since I'm knitting a secret project, knit-talk is on hold for a few days. Books are fair game though.

On our trip we listened to an audiobook of THUD! By Terry Pratchett. Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels are favorites of my son, so this was a great thing to listen to in the car from more than one perspective. (The kids were along for an hour and a half of our trip each way, 'till we reached Grandma's house). There are lots to like about Pratchett's Discworld books - personally I enjoy laughing out loud and feeling bright to have caught the joke - which is probably more to the author's credit than mine. Adding to the fun of this book is the nightly six o'clock reading of Where's My Cow? to "young Sam Vimes". We STILL read out loud to our two, though we aren't as dedicated these days as Sam Vimes is. The Discword books are a series, sort of. So, it's your pick whether you plunge in with this one, to see if you like it, or start with an earlier book, like Night Watch, or read about them here at the author's web site. The series is often sold with other fantasy novels -- and if you like modern fantasy, you'll probably like these. But it would be a mistake to avoid these books because you don't care for that sort of thing. Unless you don't like to laugh & feel witty.

Now I'm listening to Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer while I walk, do my chores, and sometimes while I knit. It's hard to evaluate a book while you're in the middle of it, other than to say I'm enjoying it, and I tend to look for opportunities to get back to it. Good signs.


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