Setting Karis Aside

Today is my sister Linda's birthday. (Happy Birthday Linda, if you read this). Now it's been nagging me for several days, that I had a GOOD idea for Linda's birthday gift. I had a good idea, but I lost it. Suddenly, today I remembered. It would have been better if this had occured to me two weeks ago, but today the gears clicked into place and the good idea drifted back up to the top of my fuzzy brain. Luckily, though today is Linda's birthday, we're not celebrating until the whole family gets together on Sunday. So, there's time. Maybe. So Karis is set aside for a secret project. The project might use some of this yarn:

Or it might use some of this:

After Easter Sunday, I can share the project. Meanwhile, I need to decide tonight whether I'm using bits of leftovers from the (locally) famous "pillows that match my rug", or the remnants from the Grant Avenue vest I knit a few years ago. I'm rather leaning toward the former, mainly because of the texture of the yarn.


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