Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Channeling Elizabeth: Recreating a Family Heirloom

Channeling Elizabeth: Recreating a Family Heirloom
The title is a link to the wonderful story in Twist Collective magazine of the re-creation of a beautiful sweater, of unpublished design, by Elizabeth Zimmermann. There's a bit more here, at Brooklyn Tweed. But Schoolhouse Press *is* publishing the design, and found a supply of the original yarn. Today I acted impulsively and ordered the kit! I don't usually buy yarn impulsively. I plan. I wait -- I do a lot of waiting. I ponder. But today, I just jumped. There's a limited supply of the original yarn. It wasn't expensive. And, it's headed my way. Hurray!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Nutcracker Macarons

Last night I finished my daughter's Macaron slippers. I've noticed on Ravelry that several folks aren't adding the embroidery. This is what mine looked like unembellished.
I think the embroidery adds a lot -- in fact, I think it's the folkloric detail that appealed to me.
The circles add interest the stripes don't. And the embroidered macarons have a wonderful dimensionality.
Here they are on her feet:
The bottom line:
  • designed by Kristin Nicholas, published in Knitty, Fall 2009.
  • Cascade Pastaza: 50% llama, 50% wool, 100 grams, 132 yards (note: this yarn is heavier than the yarn called for in the pattern. I made what would roughly have been a women's M/L by following directions for size S.)
  • 1 skein each of color 270, 059, 269, and 042. 2 skeins of color 084.
  • US size 7 and 6 needles
  • Fiber Trends suede slipper sole
  • Yarn & suede soles from Sheep's Clothing
  • Great color choice by my daughter
  • I used the crochet option for the drawstring, and made tassels instead of pom-poms, at my daughter's request.

This was a fun pattern. The embroidery was not difficult, and went quicker than I expected. I will admit that I decided that if the embroidery was folkloric, perfection and uniformity were not necessary or desirable. I think that without the suede soles, this would make a terrific Christmas stocking. Sewing the suede soles on was not so easy. My soles were just a tad big for the socks I made. I found I had to put a shoe inside the sock (or my foot, at times) to place the suede soles correctly.

And here they are flying out the door.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Open Water

I have a wonderful nephew who is having adventures in Italy this fall. He's on a terrific semester abroad in Florence. He made me feel very special last week, when he sent me a facebook message asking if there was any knitting-related purchase I wanted from Italy. So, you can read a bit about his adventures here. I think there's a new knitting magazine in my future!

PS If you haven't clicked through, there's a great photo of the yarn shop window you should see.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What's next?

If I've finished the gloves, what next?
When the Knitty Fall surprises came out, I was taken with Kristin Nicholas' Macaron slipper socks. My daughter is a ballerina, and she is supposed to wear slippers or socks backstage over her ballet slippers. My daughter also isn't the biggest fan of my knitwear. But, when I showed her these, she was excited. So now, my job is to finish them to be worn backstage during this year's Nutcracker, which is the second weekend in December.

Saturday, my local yarn store, Sheep's Clothing was having a little Halloween sale, and the two of us went yarn shopping. She chose this yarn by color, really.
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It's Cascade Pastaza which is actually a little heavy for this pattern. It's 50% wool, 50% llama, which surprised me. My daughter is a bit of a princess & the pea type, and I would have thought this yarn is too "woolly" for her. But she loved the colors. So, I'm adjusting the pattern for a bigger gauge to accommodate this yarn. With a few little tweaks, I'm making the smallest size, and aiming for a result more like the medium size.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Gloves, pair 5

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I've finished the gloves that will be my mother-in-law's birthday gift.
Her hands are longer than mine, so they don't fit me "like a glove".
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But they sure are pretty.
More information about the gloves in the previous post, and in the sidebar.