Nutcracker Macarons

Last night I finished my daughter's Macaron slippers. I've noticed on Ravelry that several folks aren't adding the embroidery. This is what mine looked like unembellished.
I think the embroidery adds a lot -- in fact, I think it's the folkloric detail that appealed to me.
The circles add interest the stripes don't. And the embroidered macarons have a wonderful dimensionality.
Here they are on her feet:
The bottom line:
  • designed by Kristin Nicholas, published in Knitty, Fall 2009.
  • Cascade Pastaza: 50% llama, 50% wool, 100 grams, 132 yards (note: this yarn is heavier than the yarn called for in the pattern. I made what would roughly have been a women's M/L by following directions for size S.)
  • 1 skein each of color 270, 059, 269, and 042. 2 skeins of color 084.
  • US size 7 and 6 needles
  • Fiber Trends suede slipper sole
  • Yarn & suede soles from Sheep's Clothing
  • Great color choice by my daughter
  • I used the crochet option for the drawstring, and made tassels instead of pom-poms, at my daughter's request.

This was a fun pattern. The embroidery was not difficult, and went quicker than I expected. I will admit that I decided that if the embroidery was folkloric, perfection and uniformity were not necessary or desirable. I think that without the suede soles, this would make a terrific Christmas stocking. Sewing the suede soles on was not so easy. My soles were just a tad big for the socks I made. I found I had to put a shoe inside the sock (or my foot, at times) to place the suede soles correctly.

And here they are flying out the door.


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