Not the Dude-liest of Dudes

We've been off on vacation in the southwest. It was WONDERFUL. This photo was taken at Bryce Canyon. That was where I learned that though I'm riding horseback (actually donkey-back) in a pink baseball cap and sneakers, I'm not the dude-liest of the dudes.

It is more dude-ly to wear golf shoes -- I'm sure these were the only closed-toe shoe this woman had, but in any case, they are definately dude-ly.
Even if you wear fancy red cowboy boots, if you are a pain in the neck to the wrangler, you are a dude.

Yes, I know -- I'm engaging in that old past-time of Junior High -- finding people weirder than one's self to look down on. But I'll admit that part of the fun of this trip was realizing I'm stronger than I thought I was -- and not quite so much of a dude.

Knitting content tomorrow.


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