I finished it!

Lotus Blossom Tank by Sharon Shoji, from Interweave Knits, Summer 2006 (see link in sidebar).
Butterfly Super 10 Mercerized Cotton yarn, color #3818 (poweder blue) from Sheep's Clothing in Kennewick.
I used size 4 needles to get gauge. I began with size 7 needles to give ease at the hips. I knit the second size as written, except for the following:

- I added an extra repeat of the lace pattern because I wanted my top to be longer than the picture in the magazine.
- I added an extra set of decreases on the bodice front, in an attempt to raise the neckline a tad. I was hoping to cover the scar on my chest, which if you'll look closely, you'll see didn't work.
- I added one more row of garter stitch on the armholes and neckline (trying to close the neck a bit, again).
- The pattern has you knit on the back and sides of the neckline but not across the front -- I knit in a full circle, decreasing each round at the "corners."
- I used a size 3 needle for the armhole & neckline garter stitch

Here's a detail of the lace. I think it turned out very nice -- amazing how just washing and laying flat does such terrific things to lace. This isn't severely blocked, the way a lace shawl would be.

Overall, I'm happy with how this top turned out. I wish it was a tad smaller - It relaxed a bit when I washed it, and I liked the fit better before. I may try washing it and machine drying it to get a little shrinkage. Other than wishing it was a bit smaller, I like the fit a lot -- This is a summery top, but it's not too bare. It's feminine but I can still wear a bra. Even though it shows my scar, I think the neckline is pretty.

If I made it again, I wouldn't do the last garter stitch bit on the front before I cast off. Instead I'd leave the stitches live and do the garter stitch bit in a circle as I did this time. I'd also plan the decreases in that circle a little more carefully. And I'd make it smaller - though not 6" smaller, which is the next smaller size.

Ta da!


  1. It's gorgeous, Pam. Uh-oh, I feel the urge to begin mine but with so many other projects calling for attention ... maybe next year ;-)

    But you really look good. Color suits you so well and I love the changes you made especially the extra length.

    (Thanks for the compliment re : Grant Ave. I love the sleeves.)

  2. Your tank is really cute! It's on my list, too, and I'll also add a repeat to make it longer. Good for you getting it done so fast!

  3. Beautiful. I'm a sucker for anything blue. This is on my ever-growing of list of future projects.


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