Amazing Lace Challenge #6

Unlikely Model

Your lace is ready for prime time -- and one final challenge. Take a photo of it being worn by an unlikely model -- human or otherwise, alive or inanimate -- and post it to your blog.

An unlikely model, but not an unlikely choice. Surely Legolas (aka Orlando Bloom) must get tired of the dull colored (though surely beautiful) elven cloaks of Lorien. Instead, he can opt for Karis, from Rowan #36, in Liqueur Kid Silk Haze. Our hero is secure enough in his masculinity or elven-inity to wear lace.


  1. Very cool! :) Just what the well-dressed elf should wear!

  2. This made me chuckle! Great entry!

  3. I always wanted a life-sized Legolas cut-out!

  4. I agree! Earth tones are so last year!


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