A Sunshine-y Day

What a great day! First of all, the sun's out -- check out the shadows on the pictures.
I had a lot of fun knitting last night with my new yarn. I hadn't meant to start my Clapotis, having started on my Noni bag, in addition to Am Kamin. But I was weak. And it's wonderful.
I "had" to go to the yarn store (Sheep's Clothing) today to buy some stitch markers for my Clapotis and some lime green yarn for the bobbles on my Noni bag. You can just see the bit of lime green in the bag. All the other colors will be from left-overs in my stash, but the mix needed a little "pop".
And I came home at lunch time today to find the postman had brought the new Interweave Knits (what do YOU think of the new format?), and a package from Theresa. I was one of the winners of her "guess where we went" contest.

By the way, I think the changes to IK are OK, except that I wish they'd name the designer in the fashion spreads, not just the yarn used. Small quibble. Great day!


  1. Your knitting is lovely so far. I'm a bit iffy too on the new IK. Hopefully I'll grow to like it.

  2. Glad you like it!

  3. I won't receive my magazine for a few more weeks because of the airmail factor, but I'm dying to see this new format that everyone's talking about! (My initial reaction without having seen it is negative. I always preferred IK to VK because the patterns were right there in the body of the magazine. I usually read the mag cover-to-cover including the patterns; I'm less likely to do that if the patterns are at the back.)

  4. I haven't seen the new issue of IK in person and need to go purchase a copy soon. I didn't realize there was a new format; the old one worked just fine!

    What is that gorgeous pink and blue yarn you have there from Theresa? Wow. And I love that Tilli Thomas yarn too. The color is such a vibrant cranberry!

  5. Debby - the yarn from Theresa is a wool/mohair, hand-dyed from Windy Acres. Isn't it pretty? It's worsted weight, or maybe a bit heavier than that.


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