1 in hand = 2 in bush?

What have I been doing since I finished Tempest?

Bird in Hand Mitten, #1
I'm working on Kate Gilbert's delightful Bird in Hand mittens.

I'm knitting them from Cascade Venezia yarn, a mostly wool with some silk blend that I bought at Knitty Gritty Yarn in Richland.

Unfortunately, I didn't test wash a swatch -- actually, I didn't swatch at all. . . The mittens are turning out fine (one bird in hand, one on needles) EXCEPT that this red yarn bleeds.

My daughter, an honest critic, tells me that the recipient will never know they aren't meant to be red & pale pink mittens. My husband, on pain meds, said "You didn't WASH them?!" in a horrified voice.

Bird in Hand Mitten, #1

The bird on the thumb.

Ironically, the photos look fine.

They're a gift for a friend who gave me a wonderful, hand-made gift. Photos of that in an upcoming post.


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