Medallion done - cherries!

Summer is a comin'
I'm finished with the center medallion of the Botanica Medallion Cardigan. The color is neutral, but this picture is too blah. I'll try to have better contrast next time. This was taken as I was giving a light blocking, so I can knit the border the right size. If you're knitting this, you might notice that I did the wrong kind of double decrease in the outer, non-leaf area of the medallion. I was knitting in the car, and Vogue no longer prints abbreviations in the magazine. So I gave it a shot, and kept it consistent. I'm claiming mine is different -- not wrong.
Summer is a comin'
As for the cherries, they're here because they're here -- technically the second bowl of the season, as the first batch went to the family my daughter is staying with while dancing out of town. But these are the first Rainier cherries to come home with me from the farmer's market. My favorite, and so beautiful.


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