Still the Japanese Sweater

I mentioned that I've decided to work on "The Japanese Sweater". "What is that?" some of you might ask.

I've been working on Am Kamin, from New Style of Heirloom Knitting, for years. This is what it should look like when I finish:
Am Kamin
So far, I've knit the back.
Knitting, Am Kamin
And the fronts are done (the last few inches since I finished the Botanica cardigan).
Knitting, Am Kamin
I've begun knitting the sleeves, both at once.
Knitting, Am Kamin
If you look closely, you can see the wonderful tubular cast-on. Here's a link to the instructions that a) worked for me, and b) seem most similar to the pictures in the back of the New Style of Heirloom Knitting book.

I bought my book from, which is an adventure in itself. It's also available from the Needle Arts Bookshop, if you're uncomfortable dealing in yen. The book is in Japanese, but there really is a lot of help on the web to help a knitter understand Japanese patterns.

The blog "Crossed in Translation" has lots of good resources in the sidebar, if you're interested in tackling this sweater, or one like it.

I'm very happy to be making progress on this sweater again.


  1. selam..çok güzel örgü tebrikler..

  2. In English, the comment above says something like:
    selam..çok güzel örgü tebrikler..
    Turkish to English translation
    hi .. very nice .. congratulations to weave

    To which I say -- Thank you!


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