Gone to the birds. . .

My dining room looked a lot like this for about 20 years.  Or more or less like this.  The corner cupboard moved from the old entryway/breakfast room about 12 years ago, the same time the carpets came up and the floors were finished.

I've been thinking about updating the room for a while.  The obstacle?  The wallpaper, for one thing.
Stripping the wallpaper wasn't fun.

Also, I was more sure I wanted something else, than I was about what that should be.

But now, it's almost done.IMG_1565
The walls are Sherwin-Williams "rain" and the corner cupboard is "sassy green".   The fabric festooned around are samples in hopes of making new shades for the windows.
I plan on making roman shades for the two side windows.  I'd also like to put the same fabric on the door in a simple, gathered panel.  The questions is, which fabric? 

We have made some decisions about what to hang on the walls.  This is a new picture:IMG_1414
It's a print of a painting by Blenda Tyvoll that I've admired for a long time. It's from her series "Tree of Life."

This photo (digitally painted) is by Tricia McKellar from her departure series.   It's been waiting in my Etsy favorites for a while. 

We'll soon run out of wall space, but there's two more artists I hope to include before we're done.  Mary Beier was at our local art in the park this past weekend.   And maybe something from Jennifer Lommers, who makes paintings I'd like, even if she wasn't a terrific person and married to my cousin.  But I'm glad she is.  The common theme, if you haven't guessed it, is birds. 

And I do own other tablecloths -- I love print tablecloths, which, I've found over these growing family years, hide a multitude of stains sins.


  1. What a fun dining room decorating project! I love the wall color and the splash of green on the corner cabinet. I bet my birds feel right at home!
    Thanks for sharing your blog...
    My best,

  2. redecorating is so much fun!!! I absolutely adore that last print you have, with the birds on the line. Amazing.

  3. You've been working hard! I love the new color choices.

    I think you have to buy the set of bird prints on Jennifer's site, and then choose the brown/white/blue fabric with the bird print for your curtains. I love a good theme!

  4. LOVE the sassy green cabinet! It just POPS in the corner -- and looks FABulous with the blue. I love the bird "motif" -- such symbols of freedom and flight. Lovely new room! Whichever fabric you choose, it will be perfect.

  5. Looks great Pam! I LOVE the green of the cabinet. I'm a huge fan of Blenda's trees and birds too - so fun to see her art on your wall! And thanks for the shout out too.

  6. If my memory serves me, there used to be a bird cage in the room quite a while ago... Now you plan to fill the room with a quieter cleaner version.

  7. I love your new picture! I am going to have to check her our. I just figured out how to find my favorites. My daughter and I share a blog and I have been confused but here I am. I am anxious to read your blog again.

    We are less that a half year old (and not all about our jewelry). I love to write about our daily life, etc. I also love paper crafts and my daughter loves antique clothes. We both adore garage and estate sales and flea markets. Come and visit if you would like!


    Suz-now off to read your blog!


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