Finished, or ready to finish?

The Flower Power Throw is finished. Or rather, I'm finished with the knitting, and I'm ready to finish the blanket.
All the ends are woven in.
And today, this fabric arrived:
I'm so happy - I think it will make a wonderful backing for the blanket. It's Anna Maria Horner flannel - the sundance stack, which I bought here. I'm contemplating cutting 36 squares, though I could just do 4 squares. Doing a big 6x6 grid gives some natural places to tie through the blanket.

At one time, I thought we'd use this fabric.
but this will be so much better. My sister Marilyn has been fantasizing about sewing, and passed on the Anna Maria Horner site -- I'm so glad she did.


  1. Pam, the blanket is beautiful! Fabulous job! I love the backing material, too.

  2. Oh, Pam! The backing is PERFECT! And now. . . I'm off to click on your link to Anna Maria Homer. . .

  3. Anonymous6:54 AM

    I love the fabric!!I have loved that fabric before you chose it, but of course didn't know what I would do with it since I haven't been sewing in so long. That is a masterpiece.


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