On Target?

I'll admit it -- I hit Target to look at (and buy) the new Missoni for Target stuff today. I didn't get up early and go before work (though I almost wish I had). Instead, I sauntered in after lunch and a little school shopping with my son. Only to find that I'd almost missed it. What had once been three racks of women's clothes was now about 10 items. There was another woman shopping while I was there, filling her cart with almost everything she could find. She had about 10 pairs of children's shoes. My suspicion is that most of her loot will end up on ebay. Ah America.

Actually, I was surprised that Missoni had flown off the shelves here in our little city. We are a long way from New York, or from Italy. Not being much of a fashionista, I doubt that I would even know of Missoni, except for Vogue Knitting. When I got home, I got to thinking about those Missoni designs in Vogue -- what would they look like to me now?
Here's some pictures from an article from Vogue Knitting, Fall '91, called "Missoni Magic".   Do you think the shape of this sweater will be "in" again soon?

Altogether, I found 13 issues in my personal archives that featured at least one Missoni design.  They are mostly from the late '80's and early to mid '90's. 

My favorite design is from a Fall/Winter '88 issue.
This sweater may have captured the very spirit of '88, but I think, if you'd made it then, it would still be wearable now.  

Some of you are wondering, "enough of historic Missoni, did you get anything?"

And the answer is, well, yes.  I couldn't resist.  There was a t-shirt in the black & white zig-zag design for me, a dress for my daughter, and
A pair of these socks,
And a media box for CD's in the brown print.

Everything looked fun, fresh, and sort of go-go girl retro-chic.  The children's and baby's clothes were adorable! 


  1. So fun!! I wish we had Target in Canada.

  2. I love Missoni! I didn't get to my Target in time, though. . . Missoni is apparently quite popular here in Kalamazoo, too. Glad you nabbed some Missoni swag!

  3. So glad you were able to find a few things you like! It's sad that some people can be so greedy with these sales; they are supposed to be fun.

  4. Marilyn6:21 AM

    I went to the one in Yakima 2 days after the collection arrived... 1 rack, 2 pairs of pants and about 3 children's items. Too late for this fashionista.Glad you got a piece of Missoni


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